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Monday, May 01, 2006

Monkeys are funny

I had a friend who lived by the title of this post.

In keeping with that spirit, I give you a video from YouTube. This video is of an interview with a "top" researcher in the field of animal languages. This "Professor Timothy Fielding" has been working with a gorilla named Gerald. More specifically, he has been teaching Gerald to speak. Click the play button and observe:

I noted at the bottom of the Singhsons post that I'd added Language Log to my sidebar and Language Log is where I came across this video.

Language Log is a fantastic blog that is run by 19 top linguists. The topics of discussion range from language acquisition to idiomatic language to formal grammar. The posts are always well written and very frequently entertaining. I suspect that you only need a minimal interest in language to be interested in this blog and given that we all use language, we all have a minimal interest in language. So, we should all be interested in this blog. Ok, I know that's not a sound argument, but Language Log really is worth checking out. (Really, click here now.)


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