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Sunday, April 30, 2006

What if the Simpsons were from India?

The title of this post poses an interesting counterfactual question.

If The Simpsons were from India, then they might be called The Singhsons.

Homer might be called Omar and own a cow.

Marge might be called Mar Ji and have dark non-beehive hair.

Bart might be called Bartinder and ride a bike.

Lisa might be called Lisajit and play a drum.

Maggie might be called Mugglie and read a book called Arranged Marriages for 3 Year Olds.

And, the family might just sit on a bench instead of their lovable red couch.

I, of course did not make this images. They were taken from a flash intro to the fictional cartoon The Singhsons.

Go watch, go enjoy.

[UPDATE: I added Language Log to the sidebar. It is a great blog run by a number of good linguists. It makes for entertaining reading, even if you are only a little bit geeky.]


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