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Saturday, April 08, 2006

A pointing finger

Recently I added a number of links to the sidebar. (The sidebar, is what the finger is pointing at.)

I don't know how many people check links that fall on the sidebar, but I frequent each of the sites on my sidebar and I think that you should do so also; after all, that's why they are there. Let me bring your attention to the new sites that were just added.

Rocketboom: is a daily video blog. Rocketboom is fun. Often the post is staged as a news cast that reports on fun new things on the web (a source of some of my posts) and other times, like this past Friday, it is a "skit" that is intended to make you laugh. Go look for yourself.

Instructables: If you have read my blog recently, then you have read two posts linking to this site. (The posts are here and here.) Enough said.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: If you like philosophy, are a philosophy student, or are just curious what it is that I do, then you should check out this link. If you are of the curious what I do camp, then you should specifically check the entries for: Mereology, Plurals, Time, and Epistemology. Unfortunately, there isn't yet a general Metaphysics entry so I can't give a link.

WikiHow: If you want to know how to so something, then this is the site for you. You can learn everything from how to find your own dancing style (that's for you Mom) to how to pick a pet Tarantula.

Wikipedia: This is THE online, user edited encyclopedia. There currently 1,067,666 articles. So, you can just about bet that there is one on something that you want to learn about. (The Wikipedia is best thought of as an intro to a topic, not an expert guide, even though it is in some cases.)

The last three of these links is in the new sidebar category 'learn something.' I will add new links as I find them.

Aside from these that I have highlighted, there are other links that you ought to check out.


  • At 4/09/2006 01:51:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Mark, I didn't see any instructions for your "Chicken Dance". Mom


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