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Friday, April 07, 2006

Hungarian Shelves

I linked to these before in this post. However, I really like these shelves and I think that other people will too, so they deserve a post of their own.

If you have a lot of books and not a lot of space for a number of bookshelves like those sold at Walmart or even Ikea, then these are perfect for you. The shelves only require the purchase of a few pieces of wood a saw some screws, and a bit of time (I doubt that it would take anymore time to build this shalf than it would to put together the $30 Walmart ones.)

The site that this is from--namely, Instructables.com--has loads and loads of fun stuff. Each thing that they have on their site has a full set of instructions--complete with pictures--on how to build it, hence the name. It really is worth checking out.

After all that, I should give you the link to the shelves instructions:
For instructions on how to build the fantastically cool Hungarian Shelves, click this link!


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