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Friday, May 12, 2006

Mark Seliger's new book

I suspect that few of you could tell me who Mark Seliger was if I only told you his name; however, I suspect that most of you have seen some of his work. Mark Seliger is a brilliant photographer who specializes in portraiture.

Seliger's new book In My Stairwell features numerous celebrities over various shots all taken in the same brick stairwell. Seliger has a gift for capturing attitude and emotion. Instead of saying more, I think that I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Two Parkinson's sufferers.

Oh, Mel Brooks is funny.

Everyone knows who this is.

And finally, good ol' Tom Waits.

[NOTE: Not all of Seliger's work is suitable for everyone. There is nothing tasteless, but if you have one of those bosses with an incredibly undeveloped sense of what is good art... well you get the idea.]


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