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Friday, May 26, 2006

Interactive photographs

We're all familiar with the collage. Some of us have even put one together. There is a far more complicated variety of collage by which a new image appears via the arrangement of the smaller (sub-) photographs. I found a very interesting site that plays with this concept in a very interesting way. Observe:

You begin with a photograph like this. Notice the white box in the upper right corner? That box is your cursor and when you select a portion of the image you zoom in and get something like the next image.

Now you can begin to see what is composing the image. Once again, you select a portion of the image and zoom in.

And again, you zoom in further. (On each of these pictures, you should see if you can follow my clicks.

Finally, select your favourite photo.

Then, begin all over again.

There are, thousands of photos that make up this site and exponentially more ways that you can sift through them.

Click HERE to go to the site.


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