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Friday, April 21, 2006

Sigur Ros on YouTube

Today Jen posted a music video and a few links to videos from YouTube. One of the links was to Sigur Ros, a band that I've liked for a while now. I'd not ever seen any of their videos though. I found the video for their song "Hoppipolla" and it is one of the most soothing videos that I've ever watched. Sigur Ros's music is very soothing on its own, but this video--which you can watch below--is soothing for a different reason. The video captures all of the childhood playfulness that we remember so fondly; only, this playfulness is portrayed by eight or so characters who are in their seventies or eighties. I certainly can't do the video justice, so watch it below.

Some of my favourite videos of all time take full advantage of the medium, not giving you just random shots of the band but instead they tell the story of the song in vivid, yet subtle, images. Another, less soothing but equally powerful, yet somewhat disturbing, example is below: Pearl Jam's "Jeremy."


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