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Saturday, April 01, 2006


I was watching Rocketboom yesterday and was introduced to Opentopia. Opentopia has a number of sections to the website, but the only one that I really think is worth checking out is their list of webcams, from around the globe, that function 24/7. If you aren't so sure that you want to sift through the webcams, then instead of following this link follow this link to the random webcam generator.

If you still aren't convinced that you want to do that, follow one of these links:

This link will take you to a cafe in Munich, Germany. It looks like a cool cafe. The fact that they have a webcam actually makes me want to check it out... whenever I'm next in Munich.

This webcam is of a real Hairpin turn in Godovi? - Idrija, Slovenia. This one is pretty cool. I'm sure that there must be accidents on this road, so if you wanted to watch long enough, I'm sure you'll see one. It's also interesting to see how different people make the turn. Some go wide and some hug the corner. Oh, also, people go both ways around this corner... that makes for exciting driving.

This link takes you to Blue Boarder Kennels, in Copenhagen, Denmark. The camera is directed on a doggie birthing area. There is a dog with about 7 puppies in it right now. (Yes, you can watch the puppies move around and the like.)

This link takes you to a street in Oulu, Finland. If you are depressed about the amount of sunlight you get, go here and I bet they get less.

Finally for those of you who are hopelessly interested in looking into others lives, You can see some guy's computer room; and, from time to time, the guy as well. He's in Longmont, Colorado, USA.


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