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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Get a brain

Have you ever called someone 'Bat-brain' or 'Monkey-brain'?

If you have, you no doubt intended it as an insult. Well, now you can make the insult significantly more insulting by showing the insulted what a bat-brain or a monkey-brain actually looks like. (Of the photos below, the bat-brain is on the left and the monkey-brain on the right. The brains are shown beside a business card for scale.)

You can in fact purchase these brains--well, really they are brain casts--from Universal Treasures--they truly are treasures.

Aside from brain casts you can buy everything from:
Mammoth tusks, teeth, and bones
Hundreds of Fossils from Turtles and Dinosaurs.
Petrified Wood
and even,

Prices range from a few dollars for Titanosaur Egg Shell to thousands of dollars for a build your own Stegodon kit (these are real bones we're talking about; follow the link if you don't know what a Stegodon is).

Even if you aren't going to buy anything, I'd say that Universal Treasures deserves a little surfing, just to see what you could buy if you wanted to.


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