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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Cool clocks

Moco Loco has found it again. This time the subject is clocks. In the last couple months they have featured two clocks from Buro Vormkrijgers.

The most recent is the clock above and immediately below. This clock is intended to sit on a desk and it will slowly spin around--it seems like a round desk or table would be ideal--and you read the time by looking where the face of the clock touches the table. There are no numerals on the clock face. Instead, there is a continuous sentence that says things like: "...more like around eight, but if you want to, it can be nine, and then it will also become ten, and inevitably, you think it's eleven, but then you'll..."

The older piece is a homage to the original video game--namely, pong. A video of this piece can be found here. The idea is simple. The ball bounces back and forth and when the time is to change, one of the sides scores--obviously, the right side "player" wins by vast margins.

Enjoy the clocks!


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