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Monday, January 23, 2006

Pikasso by Manzer

Ladies and Gentleman, there is a new standard in what makes for a cool guitar. (OK, it's not really new but it is new to me.) The new-to-me standard has been set by Manzer with their guitar--I think I can call it that, right?--Pikasso I (pictured below).

According to the details,
This instrument took 2 years to build (approximately 1000 hours), and when the 42 strings are strung up to high tension, the Pikasso is under approximately 1000 lbs pressure. It weighs 6.7 kg or 14 3/4 lbs.
Quite impressive, I'd say; although, I don't know how much pressure an ordinary guitar is under, but I'd bet its not 1000 lbs.

Because I can't resist putting more pictures on here, also check out the fret board on this Harpsitarguitar.


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