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Departing daily from the ordinary objects of my thoughts.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's official, I'm worthless

Or, my blog is anyways.

This is not really surprising given that this is the second post and I have only had 4 hits (at least 2 of which have been me).

I think that I decided that this blog will be a potpourri of different topics. Sometimes I may not even depart from the ordinary objects of my thoughts. It is of course permissible for whoever reads this to object if I start to go on and on about things that no one but me and a few other similarly inclined people care about--that's what the comments box is for, among other things--but in all honesty I'm not sure that it would stop me from posting whatever I feel like. It's my blog after all.

The idea is to post daily, but I guess we'll see whether that is feasible once school starts again. Hopefully it'll work this time and not die like the last.


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