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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Evangelical about fruit?

There are only a few things that I think it is worthwhile to be evangelical about, one of them is a particular kind of fruit. OK, not really fruit, but another, oh so juicy, fruit branded product (no, not Fruit of the Loom); namely, Apple Computers. (This is one of those things that I am evangelical about.) I use a Mac. I switched from a PC a year and a half ago now (the same time that I bought my own computer). I know Windows quite well and when I first switched, there were a few things that I didn't understand about the Mac. It turns out that the reason I didn't understand was that I was so used to doing things in the awkward, Windows fashion that it was hard to get my head into a more 'intuitive' way of thinking. There are a lot of "I HATE WINDOWS" tirades on the web, so I won't write another. Instead, I want to show people some of the newest sexiness that has fallen off the apple tree.

First, is the not-so-new-but-still-new iMac: Enough said.

The second fallen fruit is the brand new, Powerbook replacement, Macbook Pro Again, enough said.

Seriously though, both of these are spectacular computers and if you are in the market... check these out.

(One cool thing, if you look carefully at the top of each of these computers, you'll see a little black square. That is the famous iSight; a webcam that Apple seems to be able to make smaller and smaller without limit.)


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