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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bjork goodness Part II

When I posted about Bjork before it was to point out not only how cool she is, but also how strange she is--the strangeness was evidenced by her most recent film role. This time I'm posting about Bjork not only to point out how cool she is, but also that other people agree with me about her strangeness--err, eccentricity.

Bjork was recently voted Most eccentric celebrity. The interweb was littered with articled about this proclamation; see One News, Yahoo News, and BBC News. If that still doesn't satiate your desire to read about Bjork, do a google search for Bjork "most eccentric".

From the pictures that I've posted of Bjork, I haven't given any good reasons for thinking that she has an eccentric image, but she does. Just in case there was any doubt, I thought that it would be good to confirm the fact by posting a couple other pictures. The first is one of her album covers--the album called, Homogenic--and the second picture is, well... eccentric.

Please don't be scared.


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